All about me and my friendly idea
Not sure what to say, without saying too much!

I’m a classic daydreamer who gets crazy ideas for not only allergy friendly food, but also sewing, crochet, photography, and craft ideas. I have numerous plans for landscaping and gardening inspiration for the 2+ acres my family calls home (hopefully I’ll get half of them completed before I retire). I’m really proud of my small rose garden, my favorite is the peachy-orange rose. My daughter and I plant the vegetable garden every year while my son likes to help pull the weeds (now that he knows which ones are weeds and which ones are plants).

I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend. I’m also a veteran of the US Navy and my husband is an Army National Guard veteran. Yes, that creates a bit of rivalry during football season. I used to have this old ratty Navy t-shirt that I refused to get rid of, but I haven’t seen it in a few years. Thankfully my father-in-law is also former Navy, along with my uncle, and my uncle-in-law; so he’s out numbered now.

I enjoy the big city and have lived in foreign countries while my husband grew up in a small town, yells at stop lights for turning red, and would ideally love to have 100 x the acreage we currently have and a couple hundred cows. I know, we’re a bit opposite. When he talks about this dream ranch with all these cows and horses I always ask if I can have a few llamas. Not sure why, they just look like interesting animals.

I have a growing collection of pig items that I started when I was in high school; piggy banks, pig cookie jars, stuffed animal pigs, pig candy dishes, pig ornaments, pig figurines, a wooden pig puzzle, a glass pig… I could go on for a while here. My husband doesn’t care much for this collection, but you’ll find them spread throughout the house or on my desk at work. Every time I come across the boxes with my pig collection I’ll sneak another one out.

Okay enough about me. Maybe I should talk more about this lovely, informative, website.

After my husband was diagnosed with several food allergies there were a lot of failed attempts at recreating some of our favorite family recipes and classic comfort foods. I started to succeeded at a few. The list of successful recipes continued to grow and there were fewer and fewer bread loaves that doubled as doorstops or meals that went straight to trash. I really am a good cook, I promise!

There were also a lot of bad experiences at restaurants, and some good ones, where we learned how to handle future meals out. I became that crazy lady that makes you check with the chef 100 times, and makes you wash your hands until they’re wrinkly before preparing my husbands food. I used to roll my eyes and laugh at these crazy women, but now I’m one of them! I don’t know whether to be happy about this or cry? We found some truly allergy friendly restaurant chains, and some local favorites that had more options than just a plain steak and baked potato. We also found some great brands that cater specifically to those with food allergies or they’re just awesome about using natural ingredients.

In the beginning it was hard to get people to understand, some even questioned whether he really had food allergies or was just being difficult. We had to turn down a lot of invites to parties and potlucks. When we did go to parties and gatherings it was trying at times to have to ask 100 questions about how the food was prepared, what ingredients are in each dish, making sure there was no cross-contamination with the serving utensils, and all without coming across as the crazy lady trying to steal your secret family recipe.

After going through all these ups and downs, and craziness, my family encouraged me to share what I’ve learned in hopes of helping others who are feeling overwhelmed with a new food allergy or Celiac diagnosis. Hopefully you’ll get to back me up in the future.

Okay, now I’ve said too much…


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