Viral Marketing Initiatives for Food Allergy Awareness Week


FoodAllergyAwarenessRibbonWhen we in the food allergy community hear the word viral our minds may go to colds, stomach bugs, or any other number of ailments, but everyone else may be thinking about a funny video, a new dance, or maybe a little girl nicknamed Mayhem that makes dresses out of paper. That she also suffers from food allergies is just secondary and doesn’t stand out to most.

Most content that goes viral in the food allergy community goes viral for the wrong reasons like the Dana family that was removed from a flight because of nut allergies recently. Or the unexpected death of a child or young adult that didn’t have an epi-pen close at hand. These stories infuriate us and pull at our heart strings because we all secretly fear these same things.

Know one can predict if a blog post or video will go viral. There are certain aspects of content that does go viral that stand out and can be highlighted to increase the chances of your content going viral, but don’t necessarily guarantee it.

We do know that emotion is one of the big reasons that anything goes viral. Whether it’s positive or negative if a video or blog message brings out strong emotions it encourages us to share it with friends and anyone else who will listen.

Humanize your content and make it relatable to large group of people. We’ve all been frustrated at the lack of safety in restaurants, brands that change ingredients without notice, or even just a boss that drives us nuts. We can all relate to some or all of these issues and would love to read an experience that either makes us laugh at the crazy things people do or confirms our belief that we’re not the only one struggling.

Maybe the content was useful to us. It stresses a really important issue or message, gave us support or ideas on how to approach a certain situation, or even a new recipe that everyone in the house can eat, or gave us a new approach to a stressful event like the Teal Pumpkin Project and Halloween.

Memorable is another big one for viral content. Whether a video puts a smile on your face or brings a tear to your eye it spoke to you in some way and sticks with you just like the Face Your Risk video did for me the first time I saw it. Not being there when our loved ones have a reaction is a big fear of mine and hopefully I’m not the only one. This video was a reminder of the importance of little things like making sure you know what’s in the food every time even if it drives the host crazy, and always wearing a medical alert bracelet.

Last, but certainly the most important, is make it easy to share. If you want to see your content get passed around by others increasing the chances of it going viral make sure you have social media buttons on your video, blog post, or recipe page so that if others find it relatable or memorable or important in any way they can share it with others.

With food allergy awareness week this is our chance to spread the word and sport those teal ribbons. If you have something amazing to share get it out there and encourage everyone to share it with their friends, family and followers. The same goes for you reading this post. If you see something amazing about food allergies or any topic that truly speaks to you don’t hesitate to share it. If you thought it was helpful or memorable in any way someone else may find it helpful too.


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