Caring for the Caregiver


oven mitMy husband does a lot of research on his food allergies; suspected causes for food allergies, genetic links, studies to prevent or stop food allergies. He even looks into the different types of allergies and their reactions. I on the other hand look at what he can and can’t eat, things I could be doing around the house that might help like air purifiers, furnace filters, and even carpet vs. hardwood floors.

Because I do the vast majority of cooking in our house, and research on foods, when I’m away or ill it can be a struggle for him. Such was the case this past week. After a scheduled procedure I was left exhausted and in stitches. I am thankfully doing better, but still have to wait a few weeks to get the stitches removed and still struggling with some pain I wasn’t expecting. I can’t lift anything and am limited to what I can do until the stitches come out. This meant mom was not available to cook meals and fast food just isn’t an option with all my husband’s food allergies.

Anyways, with me sleeping long hours and in and out of pain throughout the day my husband and the kids have been making due with Annie’s mac and cheese, all natural hot dogs, Ian’s chicken nuggets and fish sticks, Cascadian Farm tater tots, and the few leftovers in the fridge. He’s been helping them in the kitchen and making sure that everything stays safe.

In the past we’ve struggled to keep my husband’s food safe while the kids are helping in the kitchen. This time it’s been much smoother and we’ve learned from past mistakes. It’s been interesting to watch him fill in on this roll over the past week. Showing the kids all the little tricks we both use to make sure his food is safe when we eat the occasional separate meal. Reminding them of our color coded pots, pans, and even pot holders so they knew what to use as our kids got to help make their meals.

I know that he is happy now that I am back on my feet and cooking meals again. Tonight we will have roasted pork loin with potatoes and carrots instead of yet another meal of leftovers or frozen chicken nuggets with a side of tater tots.

Who picks up the slack when the main caregiver is ill in your home? Do they know all your tricks and tips to keep your loved ones safe from their food allergies? Do you think about things like separate pots and pans, or potholders? We even have dedicated spoons and spatulas for allergy friendly foods. Share your tips and tricks with the rest of us in the comments.


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