The Many Types of Food Allergy Apps


Smart phones and mobile apps have opened up a whole new world for people to access information anywhere at anytime. For the food allergy community this means a variety of apps to help us navigate a world where food of all things can ruin your day or even take your life. Looking at the endless number of apps available to the food allergy community they can be categorized into 4 groups; restaurant apps, scanning apps, journaling apps, and then there’s the non-food allergy apps.

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Restaurant apps

AllergyEats – This mobile app and website lets you list your location and search for the best allergy friendly restaurants for your specific needs. The ratings and reviews are provided from other users, and you can leave your own reviews as well. I feel more comfortable knowing that the information provided is from other food allergy sufferers and not just a scan of their menu ingredients like many other food allergy apps out there.

Hold the Allergen – Select your allergies from a list of the nine most common food allergies and this app will scan the menus of forty fast food and chain restaurants. Select your restaurant and menu item and the app will list any allergens in the item if present.

Scanning Apps

Nxtnutrio – Let’s you add your own allergies so can look for those not in the top eight like other scanning allergy apps. Great for families with unusual food allergies, like ours that has a tomato allergy. Nxtnutrio also lists alternatives and a section for comments.

SafeEats – SafeEats is a scanning app that lists the most common food allergies. You select your allergies from the list and then use their barcode scanner on ulc labels at stores. The app then highlights any of the possible allergens selected.

Journaling Apps

Food Allergy Detective – This journaling app lets you list your meals, symptoms, and any notes about the meal you want to add. Having a journal in app form is easier than carrying around a notepad and pen.

Allergy Journal – A journaling app that remembers your entries with a date and time stamp so you can return to edit them. This app also lets you name foods and dishes whatever you like instead of selecting from a set list.

Outdoor Allergy Apps (Allergy Alert) – provides the five day allergy forecast for your location. It also lists an asthma index and a symptom chart that lets you track your symptoms.

WebMD Allergy – Takes it a step further and lists the levels of different allergens in the air in your location; dander, mold, grass, trees, ragweed, etc. There are also settings to display indoor allergies, drug allergies, and general allergies.

Did I miss your favorite? Are there other food allergy apps out there that you love or that haven’t worked well for you? Tell me all about them in the comments.


2 thoughts on “The Many Types of Food Allergy Apps

  1. Minden,

    I enjoy reading your blog. I really took notice of your last section, because I have pretty severe allergy problems. I had no idea either of those apps existed, but I am going to download one of them right now. Thanks so much!



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