How Social Media Can Benefit Those With Food Allergies


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Just a few decades ago food allergy sufferers and parents of food allergy children didn’t have much support. There was no one to share their experiences or frustrations, no one to help them navigate the grocery store in search of safe brands, or another voice of concern when working with schools in providing a safe place for their children or explaining to co-workers for the umpteenth time why you can’t have the cake, cookies, or other goodies they’ve brought to share with the rest of the office. If you were lucky you lived in a larger area where there may have been a handful of food allergy sufferers to support each other. As food allergies have increased support groups are popping up everywhere. Even if you live in a small town you can still be a part of these groups as they increase their presence on social media and numerous blogs.

Food Allergy Blogs

There are so many food allergy related blogs out there that a conference is dedicated to this group, Food Allergy Bloggers Conference. Not only are the most popular bloggers, advocates, and medical experts in attendance at this conference, but they also invite anyone dealing with food allergies to attend and learn how they can start a food allergy related blog too. The best known allergy friendly brands are also in attendance and invite you to visit their booths and try their products. The amount of information, experience, support, and recipes is limitless not only at FAB but from the community as a whole. There is a food allergy dedicated blog out there for just about any diagnosis; kids, adults, multiple allergies, epipen support, Celiac disease, etc. and if there isn’t one out there that fits your needs the FABLOGCon community can help you create one.

The FAB community was created from the desire to connect with all the other food allergy bloggers out there who share information on Facebook and Twitter, that have written books and blogs, and influenced others to share their experiences as well (, about-us).

Twitter for Food Allergies

Twitter is a limitless resource for food allergy sufferers. You can find multiple food allergy bloggers, brands, advocates, and medical experts through a quick search. Follow them on Twitter for constant updates on food allergy research, support, events, and recipes. You can search hashtags specific to your allergy to find more information or specialists focusing on a specific allergy. You can use those same hashtags to ask questions about a specific food allergy, reach out to the food allergy community, or voice concerns on any food allergy related issue. Send a direct message to a food allergy blogger or advocate to ask about a more personal issue or share information with them that they can share with others.

With social media we’ve become this little family of support. We know what you’re going through and can help you get through it safely. Most of us that blog about food allergies started with the purpose of sharing our experience with others so that they wouldn’t have to struggle the way we did. We want you to reach out to us and ask us questions, comment on blogs and recipes that we share, and share your experiences with us so that we can all help someone else.


2 thoughts on “How Social Media Can Benefit Those With Food Allergies

  1. This topic hits home with me, and its so great to have social media in a time when food allergies and intolerance are becoming more widespread and publicized. My cousin has Celiacs disease, my friend a severe peanut allergy . I am being tested for allergies as my skin condition is not improving and certain things may be triggering the Dermatitis reactions. Finding out about FAB and other online community tools is a great way to get more information regarding certain conditions as well as feel like you’re not alone. Thanks for the information,


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